How to find a swinger club in Europe?

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Finding the best swinger clubs in Europe might seem a daunting task. In fact, even finding the best swinger club near you can be difficult.  

Swinger clubs are often “underground” and not so easy to spot. 

Also, clubs usually have very different events based on what day of the week you visit them. You surely don’t want to end up in the gangbang-themed Stutenmarkt – literally “mare market” – participating in the “public disgrace” if you are just a vanilla couple. (No. You don’t.)

Peeking into a swinger club
Peeking into a swinger club

So, how to find a good club in a foreign country, where you might not even speak the language? Here in Europe we have hundreds of great places, throwing swinger parties and erotic events every week. But how to find them?

First of all, have a look at our map of clubs. We don’t cover entire Europe (yet), but we have listed some of our favourite lifestyle clubs in France, Germany, Italy,  Spain and a few more countries. 

It is important to keep in mind that, because we have really many languages in Europe, the word Europeans use to refer to a “swinger club” differs from country to country. 

That’s why we have prepared for you a guide to the various translations. This should facilitate a bit your personal research in case you plan a naughty vacation somewhere in Europe.


Germany is the undisputed queen of swinger clubs in the world. The amount, density, level of activity and the overall community is stellar. Just have a look at the graph from Google Trends when we pull the relative popularity of searches for swinger clubs between US, UK and Germany. 

Google Trends Swinger Club
Google Trends comparison for the keyword Swinger Club in US, UK, Germany

Sure, if you don’t speak much Deutsch you might feel left out. However, here at least the term “swinger club” remains the same. The only difference is – they write it as  one word: Swingerclub. Another word you should keep in mind is “FKK” (Freikörperkultur, German for Free Body Culture) and you should watch out for the ambiguity around its use: if it’s an outdoor place then it refers to a nude beach or park. On the contrary, if it’s an FKK club then it could be a place where you pay for sex services. Very different than a swinger club.

Club Rosé
Photo by Club Rosé. Interior of Club Rosé, Germany
Die Community für stilvolle Erotik
Die Community für stilvolle Erotik


In Italy, the concept of swinger club has existed for many years. However,  due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church it has been kept almost a secret. Here, swinger club is called club privé (private club). And it is indeed a private thing, given that,  if you want to come, you need to become member of the “recreational organization” running the business. Fear not, the process is very easy and done in a couple of minutes on the spot. You only need to fill in the form with your data, sign it and pay the fee (usually 10-20 €). In addition to these clubs, Italy has seen a surge in the number of  swinger spas in recent years, known here as saune naturiste (sauna naturista in singular).

Club Istinto
Photo by Istinto Club. Interior of Istinto Club, Italy


France has always been on the forefront when it comes to nudity, freedom in sexuality and swinging. Not surprisingly, France counts its clubs in hundreds. The majority of foreign visitors focus on Paris (we are soon going to write a post about the best swinger clubs in Paris) or on the naturist resort Cap d’Adge in the south. To refer to swinger clubs, the French use the term club échangiste and sometimes club libertin. If a club also has a sauna and a hot tub, then it is normally called sauna / balneo / hammam naturiste.

Dining hall of L'Extasia, France
Photo by Club L’Extasia. Dining hall of L’Extasia, France


The word for swinger club in Spanish is probably the longest one you would come across: club de intercambio de parejas (club for couple exchange, which, well, makes sense). Sometimes you may also find the term club liberal. In Spanish, a couple into naughty encounters is in fact called pareja liberal.

Other European languages, of course, often also have their specific terminology. We will cover this in another post.

Three girls on a sofa


So, a quick recap to take away. Across some of the largest European languages, the term swinger club / lifestyle club is translated in the following ways:

  • Germany: Swingerclub, Swinger Club
  • Italy: club privé, sauna naturista
  • France: club échangiste, club libertin, sauna / balneo / hammam naturiste
  • Spain: club de intercambio de parejas, club liberal
  • UK: swinger club, sex club, lifestyle club
  • United States: lifestyle club, swinger club

Now go and have fun! Let us know in the comments if you find this list useful and also what clubs have you visited.

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